Energy in motion



Tim Jensen

Tim has trained many different budo arts such as Ju-Jutsu and Judo since 1974 and began training Aikido around 1980. After a few years’ break Tim founded Herlev Aikido in 2000 and is today the lead instructor.

In the last few years Tim has participated in many training camps in Germany and he has direct contact with the founder of Tendoryu Aikido Kenji Shimizu Sensei at the Tendokan in Tokyo.

Tim is the holder of 4. Dan and is also the treasurer of the club.


Kathrine Torp

Kathrine is graduated 2. Dan. Kathrine trained Judo for some years before starting Aikido. She is an instructor of the junior and senior class.


Rasmus Torp

Rasmus is graduated 2. Dan. Rasmus trained Judo for some years before starting Aikido. He is an instructor of the youth and senior class.


Morten Hansen 

Morten is graduated 1. Kyu. Morten teaches the junior class.


Peter Klinge Wulff 

He helps teaching the junior class.


Mikkel Bredahl Rahbek

Mikkel is graduated 3. kyu. He helps teaching the youth class.