Energy in motion

Where to find us


The Dojo at Kildegårdskolen Vest (former Hjortespring Skole)

Hjortespring Skole
Dildhaven 40
2730 Herlev

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Park in front of the school. Go through the main entrance and turn right. Go through two doors and then left. On the wall there is a sign at a door for the entrance to the "sportskælderen" ("sports-basement"). Go down the stairs. Our dojo is to the right at the end of the hallway. You can change clothes and take a bath across the hallway from the dojo at the two changing rooms.


Training room at Herlev Hallerne

Herlev Hallerne
Tvedvangen 198
2730 Herlev

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You need to enter Herlev Hallerne, who are part of Herlev Sportscenter. You need to enter from the parking lot behind the halls. Go through a large sliding door on your left hand. Look at the map, where you need to enter at the green arrow.